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Maurice’s MVD diagnosis

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Maurice’s owner shares their story of shock MVD diagnosis

When 8-year old Chihuahua, Maurice, went for his annual check-up, his owner was confident everything would be as normal. Maurice was a happy dog, full of life, who enjoyed going on longs walks with his owners and their other dogs. However, when listening to his heart the vet picked up a murmur.

As a much-loved member of the family, the discovery came as a huge shock. And, following the recent and unexpected loss of their Dachshund, the prospect of Maurice having heart disease was extremely worrying.

To find out more about the murmur, Maurice was taken for an ultrasound, where the vet was able to diagnose him with mitral valve disease (MVD), a form of heart disease that is common in small dogs.

Following his diagnosis, Maurice’s owner and vet were able to look at options around managing the progress of the disease, and he was immediately placed onto daily medication.

Now, thanks to the early diagnosis and his treatment, Maurice is still living a happy and active life with his family. Something that his owner is over the moon to see:

“I’m so glad I continued to take Maurice for his regular check-ups, even though there’s usually nothing to report. If we hadn’t then our vet would never have picked up on the murmur or started treatment early. Thanks to catching the disease early, he’s continuing to live a really happy life and has more energy than ever before!”